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Top 10 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms: 2023 Guide

Utilizing podcast hosting services streamlines the distribution of your podcast. This is why picking a trustworthy platform is essential for exposing your podcast to a wider audience.

A podcast host serves as both a place for you to store your episodes and a place for listening platforms to download new episodes that have been posted. While you may utilize a website instead for hosting, doing so needs more work and is more difficult to set up. It is advisable to select a dedicated podcast host with useful analytics tools and monetization capabilities. You may greatly increase the growth and revenue potential of your podcast with the help of an excellent hosting tool.

In order to assist you in making the best choice, we’ve reviewed the top 11 podcast hosting websites for 2023.
What Does Podcast Hosting Mean?

You may publish podcast content to podcast hosting websites, where listeners, sharers, and subscribers can access it. You won’t have to worry about investing the time, money, and other resources necessary to save your media files online yourself since a podcast host will keep them secure and accessible online.
Why Do I Need a Website for Podcast Hosting?

You may distribute your podcast on other platforms and directories, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, by using the RSS feed that podcast hosting providers give you.

They sidestep the storage capacity, upload, and playback speed concerns that you’d encounter if you hosted the program on your own website because they are specifically made to host your podcasts. There’s no need to compress your files and lose the high-quality audio you spent your valuable time recording using software like Riverside unless the podcast hosting platform’s pricing structure is based on storage capacity!
Look for These Features in a Podcast Hosting Site

There are numerous excellent podcast hosting services online, but you should make sure the host offers capabilities that fit the particular requirements of your program. Not to add, you shouldn’t spend for features you won’t utilize. Consider these crucial characteristics while searching for a platform to broadcast podcast episodes for your show:

10 Top Podcast Hosting Sites for Free and Money in 2023

Interested in seeing the best hosting platforms? The top 11 free and paid podcast hosting sites are listed after the video.

1. Buzzsprout 

Buzzspout, a 2009 product that offers a free plan and is simple to use, is excellent for amateurs and new podcasters. It includes other features that may be purchased separately.


2. Podbean

Best for: Those seeking a comprehensive podcasting service.

One of the top podcast hosting services available is Podbean, which has over ten years of expertise and hosts more than half a million episodes.


3. Blubrry 

Advanced Analytics is ideal for

The finest podcast hosting platform is Blubrry, which stands out for its PowerPress plugin and IAB-certified podcast analytics. Blubrry is experienced and customer-focused.


4. Fusebox (formerly Smart Podcast Player)

websites that offer podcasts

Fusebox is the greatest option for individuals who just want a nice-looking podcast player integrated on their website because it was developed by podcasters (namely Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income) for other podcasters.


5. Anchor

Best suited for: Novices and enthusiasts

Given that Anchor is free, it provides a wide range of features and tools. The platform is user-friendly for beginners and offers a very simple user interface. It has a remote recording program that allows users to record podcasts while they are on the road and is accessible on both computers and mobile devices. The best part is that Anchor and Riverside are integrated for a smooth workflow with video podcasts. Simply use Riverside to create professional-quality video podcasts, then use Anchor to publish your program to Spotify and other listening destinations. You may read more about podcasting here or start your own to discover how it works.



Best for: Growth & Discoverability

For podcasters who desire a single platform to build gorgeous podcast and episode webpages, host each episode, distribute to key podcasting platforms, and monetise their podcast, Sounder’s was developed. The primary goal of Sounder is discoverability, which is seen in its effective SEO features.


7. RedCircle

Best for: Financial gain

RedCircle, which is promoted as a free podcast hosting service, offers a variety of options to let you monetise your program (which is how they make their money!).


8. Captivate

Best for: Financial gain

For podcasters wishing to monetize their program, the UK-based Captivate platform is one of the more recent podcast hosting services.


9. Transistor

Best for: Networks and professionals

Transistor is a more recent platform for hosting podcasts and is suitable for podcasters who wish to run several episodes on one website. Popular podcasts like Indie Hackers and Cards Against Humanity, which are recorded with Riverside, use it as their host of choice.


10. Libsyn

Best for: Networks and Businesses

Libsyn, one of the first podcast hosts on the market, is well-liked by businesses and podcast networks in addition to being a longtime favorite of experienced podcasters.


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